Finnland. Sabira Ståhlberg.

Sabira Ståhlberg is an author and researcher who holds a Ph.D. She is at home in many different languages and cultures. Her literary works are strongly influenced by her diverse academic interests and her wide-ranging travels and periods spent living abroad in Europe and Asia.

She writes in several languages: her novel Molnvandraren (‘The Cloud Wanderer’) was written in parallel Swedish and Finnish language versions. Altan, the main character, comes from a multicultural family and roams around the world like the clouds in the sky. She is different and is searching for a place where she can be entirely herself. This novel about a Buryat-Finnish girl who seeks to find a way out from bullying and disadvantages is a powerful read.

German translations:

Wolkenwanderer, Lecti Book Studio 2014, Übersetzung: Hannes Langendörfer