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Children and youth book authors in Germany for the summer – New children’s books from Finland.

Frankfurt, 21st May 2014 – If a child is born in Finland, it is given a book from the Finnish state as a present. Reading and education have an important status in Finland. This is not only shown by numerous free library services and the work of numerous reading centres which contribute to the organization of literary events focused on improving literacy as well as an undampened desire for reading in Finland. Not only reading but also reading aloud is a tradition in Finland. The most well-known Finnish children’s author Timo Parvela still reads aloud to his children today, although they have long been able to read by themselves. For Finland, this year’s guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, education through reading is also of importance. It is therefore not surprising that by the start of the book fair in October many new releases will also be available in German.


Unusual characters together with the dry Finnish sense of humour also make Finnish children’s books to well-loved reading for children in Germany, Austria and Switzerland bringing a refreshing variety into today’s nurseries. Tatu and Patu, Vilja, Ella, the Moomins and of course Santa Claus are figures which stimulate the imagination and interpret the world of children’s thoughts in a creative way.

Reading is found across all levels of education and age classes in Finland. Therefore there is no question that also teenagers are catered for: So rot wie Blut from the Lumikki-triology by Salla Simukka (Arena Verlag, Sept. 2014) or Der Geschmack von Wasser by Emmi Itäranta (dtv-Hanser Junior, September 2014) are already bestsellers in Finland. Even boys are infected by Das X-Virus by Ilkka Remes (dtv, Sept. 2014) although it is rumoured that they read less than girls. Remes himself is one of the most read authors in Finland.

Also younger readers in nursery school or primary school age in Finland and also soon in Germany will be excited. To while away the summer holiday Timo Parvela fittingly came up with a new Ella novel, titled Ella in den Ferien as well as Ella und ihre Freunde außer Rand und Band (dtv/Hanser, July 2014). Parvela belongs to the top-selling authors of children’s books in Finland. Siri Kolu is also bringing a new Vilja story to Germany: Vilja und der Räuberschatz (Heyne, February 2014). In August Ponyhof Sternenhügel by Reetta Niemelä (Baumhaus Verlag, August 2014, ab5J.) is to follow.

 “Reading means diving into other worlds and maybe even identifying yourself with another person, to literally disguise oneself while reading. There is nothing else that children love doing more”, says Maria Antas who is responsible for Guest of Honour Finland’s literary program.

Finnish children and youth book authors are already coming to Germany before Frankfurt Book Fair to present their new releases to the younger German reading audience.

In the scope of the Internationalen Kinder- und Jugendbuchwochen in Cologne (31st May to 22nd June 2014) Hannele Huovi (Die Federkette, Hanser, Autumn 2014), Seita Vuorela (Wir fallen nicht, Ravensburger Buchverlag, Sept. 2014), Salla Simukka (So rot wie Blut, Arena Verlag Oct. 2014), Emmi Itäranta (Der Geschmack von Wasser, dtv-Hanser Junior, Autumn 2014) will be reading from their works.

There is also variety on offer during the summer holidays: From 19th to 24th July 2014 Siri Kolu will be reading from her new Vilja novel at the White Raven Festival.

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