Finnland. Cool.
Frankfurt Book Fair.
Guest of Honour 2014.

Finnland. Literature.

  • Before the Frankfurt Book Fair more than 120 Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi books will be published in Germany this year. The number includes brand new translations and reprints of old favorites: novels, poetry, children and young adults’ literature, comics, nonfiction and anthologies. You can take a look at the digital publication FINNLAND. BÜCHER. already, before getting your own copy at the Frankfurt Book Fair!
  • At the Book Fair you can pay a visit to the “Books on Finland” exhibition, which introduces Finnish books in translation as well as books about Finland. The books published in Germany in 2013-2014 you’ll find on the list of the recent publications!
  • Kompositio, a collaboration of ten Finnish authors and two directors, is on tour in the German-speaking Europe in September and October. “The grand finale” will take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • The Finland-Swedish author, artist and creator of the Moomins, Tove Jansson, would have turned 100 years 2014. To celebrate this anniversary, her German publishers created a nice little flyer about her works.
  • Finnish Weird, a publication of the Helsinki Science Fiction Society, introduces an interesting array of Finnish writers.
  • Information on Finnish literature can also be found in the journal Books from Finland. Books from Finland is a literary journal in English aimed at foreign readers. It is a high-standard literary journal presenting the best work in Finnish literature, featuring both classics and new titles, fiction and non-fiction, and providing material for readers to learn more about the society from which Finnish literature emerges. It appeared in printed form from 1967 until 2008. At the beginning of 2009, the journal became a web publication. The journal is aimed at professionals in the field of books and literature, publishers, editors, translators, researchers, students, universities, Finns living abroad and audiences generally interested in Finland and Finnish literature.