Finnland. Timo Airaksinen.

Timo Airaksinen (b. 1947 in Vaasa) is a professor of philosophy. In addition to his academic work, he writes popular-science books in which he addresses the big questions in life. His subjects include the self, technology, happiness, ageing and love. In his book Onnellisuuden opas (‘A Guide to Happiness’), he poses the question of why people cannot experience lasting happiness, despite material welfare and security.

Prof. Airaksinen obtained his doctorate from the University of Turku. He contributes to numerous philosophical journals and is on the editorial board of the Finnish philosophy journal Acta Philosophica Fennica. He has also published a number of textbooks on philosophy.

German translations:

Lehre vom Glück, Accedo Verlagsgesellschaft (erscheint im Herbst 2014), Übersetzung: Katri Annika Wessel

Photo: © Markus Schulte / WSOY