Finnland. Ninka Reittu.

Ninka Reittu. Photo: Kari Hautala

Ninka Reittu (b. 1982) is an artist and illustrator. Messi ja Mysteeri: Kaikki järjestyy! (‘Messi and the Mystery Cat’) is her first children’s book. The two main characters in this jolly story illustrated with vividly inked drawings are cats who meet on a journey to Helsinki and get involved in all sorts of adventures.

Reittu has illustrated a number of children’s books, and she teaches at the art school for children and teens in the city of Joensuu in eastern Finland. She lives with her husband in Liperi, a small town near Joensuu. Their family also includes a tomcat, four dogs and thirty sheep.

German translations:

Mick und Mumm: Das Abenteuer mit der blauen Katze, S. Fischer Verlag (erscheint am 25. September 2014), Übersetzung: Anu Stohner

Photo: © Kari Hautala